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Santa Fe, Sedona, Grand Canyon

September 7, 2011

My recent trip from Kansas City to Las Vegas was bittersweet.  It was a unique opportunity to see the southwest US, but I had to leave my husband at the end of it for the upcoming 3 mos.  We decided to focus on the scenery & company, & as a result, we thoroughly enjoyed our 1300 mile drive.

Due to the lack of vacation time, the trip seemed to be on fast-forward.  We really couldn’t stay long at each place, but we were still able to cram in quite a bit.  To begin, we drove straight from KC to Santa Fe.  The baron state of KS does not have much to offer the eyes…it’s flat (like, really flat) with what has to be more cow markets & farms than any other state (sorry, Kansans).  Santa Fe was interesting…a mix of Native American culture, art (galleries on every corner!), desert-land & southwest spice with a high-class touch.  The dried chile’s hanging from the porches brought it all together for me.

  Getting to the food…the whole trip our meals went from one extreme to another; in Santa Fe, our dinner isn’t even worth mentioning but our breakfast at Cafe Pasqual’s was delicious.  I think Santa Fe may be known for its breakfast…I only had 1 but I would agree.  From Santa Fe, we made our way to Sedona.  Sigh, Sedona was breath-taking; I would go back in a heartbeat.  (Correction, I would not return pregnant, as there were so many outdoor activities that would be better fitted for a non-pregnant Laura.)  It’s like the city pops up out of nowhere.  The red rock scenery, the hiking trails, the peacefulness…it is just perfect.  Our  one dinner in Sedona is worth mentioning.  It was a little Italian restaurant where we enjoyed a nice evening outside, over-looking the red rocks with the soft songs from a guitarist playing in the background.  Just lovely.  I’m already looking forward to my return to Sedona.

From Sedona, we drove to the Grand Canyon.  Neither my husband nor I had ever been, so we just wanted to see it…& that’s about all we had time to do.  It’s an amazing sight, easy to imagine why 3 mil people come to see it every year & yet hard to imagine why they say it took “only a mere 6 mil years to make”…I have always loved the outdoors, but this trip made me appreciate it even more.

We basically drove through the Hoover Dam, which was also quite a site.  I was on some conference calls during this part of the trip, so I unfortunately couldn’t & didn’t pay attention to much.  And, we were anxious to get to our final destination, so to Las Vegas we drove.  (We’ll reflect on Vegas in its own separate post.)

Overall, we had a memorable trip.  Not only did we survive the long drive, we created many fond memories that will surely require the statement, “Remember when we drove to Las Vegas…”

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  1. Judy permalink
    November 2, 2011 11:50 am

    Great pictures and post, Laura, very sweet. And I’m making that granola!

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