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February 14, 2012

Love.  One word is used to describe so many things.  Just think about everything you “love…”  

I love to cook (i.e. obvious).  I love vacation (who doesn’t?).  I love a big glass of red wine (spoken from a women who just went 9 months without).  Other “loves” in my life include the smell of fall, the feeling after finishing a good workout, a sigh from my daughter when she has a full belly, the look in my husband’s eyes that says I love you.  One word, so many different expressions.  Love.

We talk about love so much on Valentine’s Day, which is wonderful.  Hallmark holiday or not, it’s nice to take a breath & express our feelings.  We should have another heart holiday in the fall…attached ladies would rejoice, single ladies & most men may not.  So much positive energy, I love it.

Luckily for me, I get to share my love for food on this blog.  Love for chocolate.  Love for pasta.  Love for peanut butter.  Love for breakfast foods.  And my occasional love for other things, like travel & family.  Love.

I am glad I have taken the plunge with this blog, no matter how frequently I’m able to post, no matter who really reads this.  It’s been great, I’ve enjoyed it & I’m happy to share my love of food with you.

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