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Mother’s Day Lemonade

May 10, 2012

Change.  One of the few guarantees in life.  Becoming a mother surely changed me.  Yes, this is technically my first mother’s day, but I was newly pregnant last year on this holiday & I already felt like a changed person.

Change comes disguised in many ways.  Some changes are purposeful, like getting married (one of the best changes in my life, by the way).  Your whole identity changes, at least for women & the whole last name thing.  Some changes are meant to be purposeful, like getting pregnant, but God has other plans.  Some things don’t go according to your “plan,” but you’re usually better off that it didn’t (although it’s easier said after the fact).  And then some changes are unplanned, like how I got gestational diabetes during my pregnancy.  Well, that sucked, but it was really marginal in the scheme of things.  I’m embarrassed that I made such a big deal of it that first week I found out.  There’s so many worse things that could happen; again, easier after the fact, but so true.

We’re all experiencing change, some more purposeful than others.  It’s hard not to be confused when life deals you changes different from your plan.  But, when you think back on those changes, you realize you’re glad life worked out the way it did.  I believe that’s the sign of a strong person…making the most out of life’s changes.  Because why would you want to live any other way?  I surely don’t.

So, this mother’s day, I am so thankful for the change in my life.  I am a mom with a snuggle bug of a daughter & a loving husband…what a blessing.  I have a few unexpected changes approaching in my life relating to my husband’s career.  I may not choose the path given to me, but I know I’ll be thankful after the fact.

As they say, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade…and add vodka! 🙂


1 shot vodka
8oz your favorite lemonade
splash of Sprite
fresh mint leaves
lemon slices, for garnish


  • Mix all ingredients & serve over ice!
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