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Spotlight: Wedding Food & Drink

June 19, 2012

It’s that season again…wedding season, that is.  Maybe it’s not so exciting to talk about wedding food & drink; after all, no one really remembers how the food tasted or what was on tap (as long as plenty was available).  Nonetheless, I’ve been to my fair share of weddings over the past few years, so I thought it was time to share some of my personal favorite wedding food & drink ideas.

I like when the reception feels like the bride & groom, so little touches through food ranks high on my list.  Since I just celebrated my 4 year wedding anniversary recently, I have to share the specialty cocktails that were served at my wedding reception…the Daggett Special (aka the Gin Bucket) & the Happe Special (aka Chocolate Kiss).  My family has a chocolate addiction, so the Happe Special was a little Bailey’s & Kahlua mixture served over ice with some chocolate chips.  My husband’s family has this gin bucket ritual (a little gin, sprite, powdered sugar mixture served over ice…traditionally passed around in a pot…seriously), hence, the Daggett Special.  Let’s just say people came thirsty & left happy.

My friend Lauren had a beautiful reception in Vail, CO.  She served hot chocolate (I think) at the end of the night…so fun!  And one of my husband’s (pledge brothers) friends had a NYE wedding, which of course turned into one big party.  They served pizza at the end of the night…much needed for so many people!  My friend Allison, who had a destination wedding in St. Simons, served a lot of little appetizers that were specific to her & to her husband’s homes (midwest & southeast).  They served toasted ravioli’s (a St. Louis favorite) & these delightful tomato/cheese tartlet things (southern cooking), that I have been trying to re-create ever since.

I don’t often talk much about the main meal.  However, our friends got married downtown KC a few weeks ago & they had a local Italian restaurant, Garozzo’s, cater it.  Everyone in KC knows about Garozzo’s; everything was so delicious. Cupcakes are pretty mainstream nowadays.  But, the cupcakes at my in-laws vow renewal last summer were so good they are more than worth mentioning.  Net, really good food is worth talking about.

Another fun thing I’ve seen at a couple receptions (including my own) is serving a mixture of desserts.  Serving small portions so people can choose more than one is encouraged!

Finally, many people have used treats as the wedding favor.  Candy, mints, kisses, fortune cookies, etc.  My absolute favorite favor was given by two of our friends this year…it was a can of green chiles with a recipe & story attached.  It was the first/best recipe the groom made for his bride on their first date.  So sweet, so fun…I wish I would have thought of it!  Very personal…I hope I see more like this as wedding season continues…


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