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Pizza Panini

September 22, 2012
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My love for pizza-related recipes continues!  What’s not to love about pizza panini-style?  Ehh-xactly.

This recipe is so easy, I really don’t even need to list the recipe.  But, I will, to show you what I like…totally flexible to your personal preferences (& available ingredients).  Any cheese or bread.  I find myself buying pepperoni every week now – adding it to my scrambled eggs, deli sandwiches & salads.  Kind of nice to switch it up once in a while.  Err, probably not found on any of those “super food” lists but oh well…a little is all you need anyway.  I strongly encourage you to use fresh mozzarella for its melt-ability.  I’ve used both whole wheat bread (healthy) & ciabatta bread (preferred).  The prosciutto makes it feel Italian, & the fresh basil is optional.

We love condiments & dips in my house.  We’re completely comfortable allowing the bar-b-que sauce, Ranch, salsa, ketchup and, in this case, pizza sauce, override the main dish.  I’m making authentic foodies turn their noses with comments as such, but that’s just the way we do things around here.

I’d say this is my last pizza recipe for a while, but I’m sure that will be a lie.  So, for now, enjoy…with pizza sauce.

Ingredients (makes 2 sandwiches)

4 slices of ciabatta or whole wheat bread
1 tsp olive oil
1/4 tsp dried Italian seasoning blend
4 large basil leaves, chopped (optional)
4 slices of fresh mozzarella cheese
4-6 slices of sandwich-style pepperoni
2 slices of prosciutto
2 slices of provolone cheese
1 cup pizza sauce


  • Preheat panini grill.  Brush outsides of bread slices with olive oil.  Sprinkle 2 of the inside slices with Italian seasoning & basil.  Layer each sandwich with mozzarella, pepperoni, prosciutto, provolone & then bread (olive oil on the outside).
  • Place both sandwiches on panini grill.  Press sandwiches until heated & grilled.
  • Serve immediately with warm pizza sauce.


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