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Holiday Cranberry Cocktail, and Ladybugs

December 30, 2012

cranberry cocktail

It happened, & I knew it would,  just not this fast.   We celebrated THE birthday.  You know, the first one, the most important one.  (Until next year.)  It seems like only yesterday I was introducing her to the world.  And now she’s like a miniature (perfect) sweet, little person.

monthly photos 3-6-9-12

And sweet she is…and sweets she loves.  Pure sugar-induced joy.  Ahh, her mother’s daughter.

cake smiles lr

I thought I was being original by selecting ladybugs as the birthday theme.  Not so much, but that’s okay.  More ideas & options to choose from.  Ladybug straws, candies, napkins, plates, magnets, cake toppers.  My creative sister made red M&M cookies & mini cupcakes.  We had ladybug cake balls, sugar cookies & cake.  I made this pasta salad with olives & grape tomatoes (I do not even like olives but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go along with the theme).  We went overboard.

Since we celebrated this 2 days before Christmas, a (red) holiday cocktail seemed fitting.  Nothing overly special or complicated, just a little sparkling wine with cranberry juice.  We prefer light cranberry juice, Ballatore Gran Spumante (or some other sweet sparkling wine…I love Prosecco but it’s not as sweet) & some cranberries for garnish.  You can vary the ratio of the alcohol vs juice to taste.

I hope you all had a lovely holiday.  I know our little lady did.

ladybug tree lr bw


1 bottle of sparkling wine, chilled
2 cups light cranberry juice, chilled
cranberries, for garnish


  • Combine sparkling wine & cranberry juice in a large pitcher; stir.  Serve, garnishing each glass with cranberries.

holiday cocktail lr

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