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(Mom’s) Strawberries

May 13, 2013

macerated strawberries

We all have things that remind us of our moms.  Sometimes, it’s because we do/say/act just like her.  Sometimes, we wish that were the case.  And, sometimes, it’s because of her cooking.

My mom is the relationship-nurturer.  She has more close friends & connections than anyone I know and she manages to make them meaningful.  She cares for everyone, especially her family, and it shows.  She will do anything for you (may not be early to it but we have adjusted to that) & not think twice about it.  My mom holds our family together & I am thankful she’s my mom…and my kids’ grandma.

Happe moms bw blog

I did not get my love for garlic or spicy food from my mom, but I did learn to appreciate a homemade meal from her.  Growing up, we really mostly ate at home together as a family (that’s how I remember it, at least).  We had a great pantry because mom always would try any new product that hit the shelf (& maybe that’s why my career path has led me to new products in food).  Her recipes may not have been super advanced, but I only remember them as delicious, made with love.

moms strawberries

Eating strawberries this way, macerated – diced with just a little bit of sugar, has my mom written all over it.  You can’t visit her house during the strawberry season without tasting some of these.  Although today I served them over a little plain Greek yogurt, usually they taste perfect all by themselves.  It’s simple & never disappoints, just like mom.

macerated strawberries on yogurt


1 lb of strawberries, rinsed, hulled & quartered or sliced
2 tbsp of sugar


  • Stir together strawberries & sugar in a medium bowl.  Let stand at room temperature for 30 min or more until juices are released.  Enjoy or refrigerate for a day or 2.
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