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Cooking Substitution & Things

June 2, 2013


Let’s talk about a few things, good things  My feedly reader…I love this handy tool that allows me to follow all those awesome bloggers out there.  My upcoming vacations!  France, South Carolina & the Ozarks are happening within the next 6 weeks.  And, my perfect little sweet pea…look at that smile.  Good Great things.

addie pool gmastl

There’s always a few things we can do without in life.  Like hearing about the Jody Arias trial.  Seriously, news, time to move on to something media-worthy.  “Shopping for maternity bathing suits sounds like a fun thing to do today,” said no one, ever.  Finally, looking in your pantry for that ingredient to the recipe that you, of course, have already started preparing, to learn that you don’t have it.  Darn.  But, life is good, so we adapt…here are a few of my substitutions and tips!

Who knew you could make brown sugar from just a little molasses & white sugar?  Takes a bit of mixing, but works just the same.  Just add 1-2 tbsp of molasses to a cup of white sugar & mix well.

homemade brown sugar

You know all those pancake recipes that call for buttermilk?  Who has that on-hand all the time?  You may think I do, but I usually substitute for it.  To a scant cup of milk, merely add a tbsp of vinegar or fresh lemon juice.  Stir & let it sit for a few minutes.  You see, baking soda needs some acidity to react with, which is why you should use “buttermilk” in those recipes that call for it.

buttermilk substitutes

There’s those things that you just learn after hearing enough.  Like using room temperature ingredients when baking.  It’s annoying because I never think of it until I want to use them, but having your eggs & butter at room temp enables the butter & sugar to be creamed together when mixed & room temp eggs will better expand & assist in rising your baked goods.  How about chopping ingredients to the same size?  Doing so promotes even cooking; makes sense.

And, perhaps common sense…kosher salt is not the same as table salt.  Kosher salt is coarser (some describe it as cleaner) than finger grain regular salt.  I usually use Kosher salt in cooking & seasoning; fine salt or table salt in baking (even if I don’t specify in my recipes, that’s what I’m doing…usually my recipes call for salt “to taste” anyway, because, well, it is).  I’ve made the mistake of substituting in cooking…lesson learned.

Kosher salt

I hope life it good for  you, too.  If not, just adapt!

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