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Peaches & Cream Steel-Cut Oats

January 22, 2014

peaches n cream oats

If I have the goal of accomplishing nothing during the day, then I usually have a successful day. These 3 kids require lots of attention! Lots of (figuring out the) routine around here.  And 2 of them aren’t even mobile so I can only imagine what the next couple years will be like.  More of this…

coffee black

I sound like a broken record, but I am trying to appreciate this crazy stage of my life. Heck, I can hardly remember what I did for my daughter when she was a baby – it feels like a lifetime ago (Um, she just turned 2).  But, maybe that’s because a million things have happened in the past year.  I’m sure I’ll be longing for these days. You know, the ones where the house is a mess, you’re sleep deprived, desperately need a shower (& a beer) & don’t even know what day it is.

Each stage is beautiful in its own time.

each stage is beautiful


peaches oatmeal

Oatmeal is a winter thing, so before this stage passes, I will share another steel cut oatmeal recipe. You can cook these stove top like this recipe or via overnight crockpot like this one. You can sub the water with milk; the “cream” is half-and-half for me but feel free to use the real thing (or milk).

oatmeal with peaches


3 1/4 cups water
3/4 cup steel-cut oats
1/2 can sliced peaches (in 100% fruit juice), diced, reserving the juice & remaining 1/2 can of peaches for serving
1/4 cup reserved fruit juice
2-3 tbsp brown sugar, plus more for serving
Pinch of salt & cinnamon
1 tbsp flaxseed, optional
1/2 cup chopped walnuts
*Milk, cream or half-and-half for serving


  • (To prevent browning, set up a double broiler in your slow cooker.)  Add about 4-6 cups of water to the slow cooker.  Place all ingredients in a heat-proof bowl inside your slow cooker.  Stir.
  • Set heat to low & cook overnight, or 7-9 hours.  Stir & serve with cream & additional peaches &/or sugar.

Serves 3.


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