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France – Part II (Lyon)

November 13, 2014


coffee france

I guess some things do not get old. Meaning: exploring French vineyards, eating lots of cream & butter in the form of French cuisine, wine for every lunch, great company. We may as well call this the wine, cheese & bread tour. After all, Lyon is the gastronomy capital of France, which is an obvious title after spending a few days there.  Our goals for the trip included such challenges like drink wine at every lunch, get into double digits on pastries consumed, check off eating all the key Lyonnaise dishes (more on that later), go on a couple wine tours so we can pretend to know what wines we like, etc. Lofty, lofty goals.

Let’s talk about what we discovered. This trip was enjoyed with my sister & husband via Paris, Dijon & Lyon (mainly Lyon).

Similar to my trip to Paris last month, our day in Paris was intense. Land mid-morning: eat pastries & coffee.  See the Mona Lisa & eat more pastries.  Hop on the city bus to see the Eiffel tour, Notre Dame & Champs-Elysees.  Pretend we are going to buy purses at the Louis Vuitton store. Get lost (that seemed to be a theme for us). Parfait.


Next up, Dijon.  We shopped the city (hello, moutarde de Dijon) & went on the most amazing tour of Bourgonone vineyards. See: views.

burgandy vineyards LR


We also stumbled into a “Vins, Pains, Fromages” event in Beaune. Right?! I paid & entered…& then I asked my husband and sister if they wanted to attend. Seemed obvious. This is the event I fell in love with Brillat-Savarin cheese (it’s the triple cream).  Because, y’all, the cheese in France…

cheese france

Then onto Lyon we went, our final destination for the week. Husband worked during the day, so my sister and I explored Lyon via getting lost & eating.

l&t lyon

We are tripadvisor people. Thus, we ate at many of the top tripadvisor restaurants, including Le Musee (twice!), Les Terrasses de Lyon (Michelin star), Archange (my favorite & the #2), Le Poivron Bleu (great wine selection, via my husband) & Bernachon (hot chocolate aka melted chocolate in a cup).

It appears Lyon is a little gem in France. Paris gets all the hype, but I much prefer Lyon. Lyon is known for its bouchons. These old, small, authentic restaurants serve classic Lyonnaise dishes: quenelles (fish-egg-soufflé served with lobster/crayfish sauce – too hard to explain, you must go to Lyon to understand), salad Lyonnaise (lettuce, lardons, croutons, poached egg), Saucisson Brioche (delicious sausage served inside Brioche bread), local cheese (take some, leave some) & I believe all sorts of strange foods (yes, we ate the pig cheek).

lyon bouchon food

Other activities included a tour of the Roman Museum & amphitheater. A wine tour of northern Cotes du Rhone & an afternoon at the Vigneron-Independant. Shopping in various forms.  Strolling down the cobblestone streets of Old Lyon, the Vieux & La Croix-Rousse.  Spending (a significant amount of) time in Les Halles de Lyon. A quick walk-through the miniature cinema museum (not worth the #3, tripadvisor) & several walks through the amazing Parc de la Tete d’Or. Kind of like a park, zoo & botanical garden all-in-one.


You guys, it was fun!  I feel like it didn’t really happen.  Lots of memories to be thankful for.

Au revoir!


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