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Sonoma, California

April 26, 2015

The Colors of the Wine Country.

wine country rose

That’s actually the name of a kids book I bought from a local winery, but it could easily describe the little weekend getaway I just had in Sonoma.  You could also call it the Perfect Weather & Gorgeous Scenery of Vineyards as Far as the Eye Can See.

sonoma vineyards

Based on my vacations last year to France you can see that I’m a sucker for the wine scene.

My parents generously gave the family a trip to Cali for a 4 day mini vacation & my in-laws graciously watched the kids.  Winning.


Well, sort of, I was basically the designated driver, but that didn’t stop me from soaking up the scenery and delicious food.  We stayed in a house near Glen Ellen, spending most of our time visiting Sonoma wineries.  At least we’ve settled the debate on where I’m retiring.

wine bench

Sonoma is definitely more “laid back” – less appointments required, a little more casual and down-to-earth.  It’s truly wonderful…you can drive around and literally see vineyard after vineyard, popping in where you like and taste fabulous wines.

And we ate a lot, of course.  Mustard’s Grill, Fremont Diner, the girl & the fig.  By far, my favorite meal was at Olive & Vine in Glen Ellen.  I will be forever trying to recreate their roasted chicken.  Apparently, I’m going to start brining my chicken before I roast it.  Yum, yum.

We hopped over to Napa for an afternoon, though, and had the most lovely day with more gorgeous views and a delicious spontaneous lunch.

alpha omega winery lr

We had a few discussions, you can call them, about the use of selfie sticks and the proper way to plan the days’ activities…for instance, some (i.e. me) were a little more excited about the morning spent in Jack London Park vs others who wore dresses, heels and wine clothes.  4 kids – we can’t all be alike, right?

redwoods jack london

No question, this vacation will most definitely go down in the books as a good great one.  Sonoma, I’ll be back!

fam wine pic

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