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{Steamed} Hard Boiled Eggs

June 10, 2015

hard boiled eggs

It’s time for me to get around to my May post and updates!  But we’re nearing the middle of June.  And, technically, this was supposed to be an April post (around Easter), so there you go.

I’ve had many signs that my life is not something I’m allowed to plan.


Said Baby Daggett #4, arriving this fall.  Baby BOY Daggett, that is.  3 boys within 2 years of age, people, tell me what my life will be like.

Probably like this:

House = dirty & loud

Pantry = mostly empty

Laundry room = smelly & busy

But, my heart will be full…these boys sure are big lovers.  Hugs and kisses everywhere.


We finally got some haircuts last weekend, and suddenly my little toddlers look like little boys.  Then, they ate chalk & dirt and threw the bowl of oatmeal on their heads and I was instantly reminded that they are still toddlers.

This busy life of mine has several tiny hungry mouths to feed.  Like most moms, I’m trying to find healthy, satisfying meals for these mouths.  As eggs are my own go-to morning menu item, it also is for the boys.  It looks like that will remain the case for many years to come, and so I finally-finally found my hard-boiled egg recipe. Finally!  After many, many different methods…from cold start to hot start, boil vs simmer, turn off the heat to timers to bringing to room temperature.  I’ve finally found the one that just works consistently…steaming the eggs.


Yes, you heard me correctly, let’s steam our eggs.

Steaming eggs to a hard boil is great because it’s fast: just bring an inch of water to a boil and place eggs (direct from fridge) into the steamer basket.  Cover & set the timer for 14-15 min & then rinse immediately in an ice bath until the eggs cool completely.  Done.  Easy for us non-planners.

steamed eggs

It’s true, older eggs are better for hard boiling.  Medium & same-size eggs produce the best results (think even cooking).  Shocking the eggs in the cold water makes for easier peeling.  Slicing the eggs in half & serving with a sprinkle of Kosher salt hits the spot.  Just a few notes from the experienced hard-boiled egg cook and eater.

Read more about the science of the processes here.

And, enjoy!


6 eggs, or however many your pot will hold
Kosher salt


  • Fill pot with steamer basket and an inch of water. Bring to a boil.  Add eggs, cover and set timer 14-15 min.  It may take a time or 2 to get the timing right.
  • Rinse eggs with cold water & place in ice bath for about 10 min or until completely cooled.
  • Peel egg, slice in half and sprinkle with Kosher salt.

hard boiled eggs



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