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Summer Salad

July 20, 2015


summer salad with walnuts

A couple of trips to the Lake, water tables, flip-flops, fresh fruit, summer salads….yes, it feels like summer.  Excluding all the rain we’ve had here.  And, the fact that I’m having a beverage-free summer (que tiny violin).  Every time I see the word rose, I automatically think rosé, so we know where my head is at, regardless.

toasted walnuts

The summer fruit, though, we can focus on that.  Summer never lets me down when it comes to the fresh stuff.  Today I’m sharing my frequent lunch staple.  Strawberries and/or blueberries paired with feta (cannot get enough of this cheese) and walnuts (daily requirement).

salad with berries

Let’s talk about lunch.  My current self, the working mom, feels quite guilty that I can sit down for lunch.  Alone.  No child needing something, no mess to clean, nothing.  The other day, I went to Home Depot over my lunch.  I’m checking out, with no kids I will note, feeling quite relaxed & successful in my productivity.  As many others have similarly stated, the clerk was impressed that I work a full-time job while having 3 young kids with 1 on the way.

july collage

It is more impressive to be a working mom, apparently….my previous SAHM is fuming and I’m just laughing at the irony every time someone alludes to this.  Guys, please, please, give props to the mom who goes to Home Depot with her kids (believe me, my husband and I did this together a few weeks ago and we vowed to never do it again.  Which, we will.).  I deal with adults during the day, human beings you can reason with in a controlled environment.  It’s outside the 8-5 where I learn patience, the art of negotiation, meaningful schedule coordination and true leadership skills.

I feel like I’m a better mom because of this balance.

Summer salad with dinner

On that note of balance, this salad feels like a great way to accomplish that for lunch.  Healthy greens, crunchy nuts, sweet fruit and the tangy salty feta.  Top it with a light vinaigrette and you’re all set.  Amounts are to taste, grilled chicken would be delicious on top, too.



Spinach or mixed green lettuce
Blueberries and/or sliced strawberries
Walnuts (toasted, if you have time!)
Crumbled Feta cheese
Red wine vinaigrette, balsamic vinaigrette or other light dressing


  • Toss ingredients together and enjoy summer!

summer salad with walnuts

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