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Summer’s reflection.

September 6, 2015


cherry tomatoes

The calendar and back to school posts indicate it’s ending.  But, the weather and my taste buds say otherwise.  Approaching 8 months pregnant, I am at a crossroads of wanting summer to end.  Purgatory, I call it: not quite ready for a newborn (who is?) nor wanting to be pregnant (ever again).  Sort of ready for pumpkins and soups but not ready to say goodbye to tomatoes.

Parenthood: the days are long but the years go fast.  Amen.


Lots of salsa & caprese salad in my household.

roasted tomatoes

Two years ago I couldn’t stand the idea of cucumbers and now I can’t get enough.


Maybe that means there’s hope for me and mayonnaise.  Ha, that’s funny.


This summer has been fairly light on the cooking side, but it has felt full.  Lots of trips to the Lake and water play on any day the weather permits.  My dearest friend got married and my boys are booming with personality (hugs and thank-you’s for days with a little hitting and broken TVs to note).  Daily reminders to appreciate each day.  Grilling a couple times a week.

You know, the joys of summer.

BBQ chicken

I suppose there’s no formal goodbye, summer will merely fade into fall with blurred lines.  I will be holding my little newborn and forget ever being pregnant or not ready.

You know, the joys of life.





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